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Water dispenser | Water dispenser | ION Water machine.

Learn about our sleek, tiny but powerful
ION water dispenser.

This American watercraft won the well-known Appliance Magazine's "Best Water Purifier" award in 2012 and silver medal winner in the "Quality Design in Technology" competition.

This really compact device is Smart, Cheap and Great, hence the name ION!

Built-in 0.5 micron mixed filter (Granulate + Block carbon + silver ion) removes all contaminants from incoming tap water , thus ensuring the optimal water quality in each filled glass of water. Thanks to the DirectChill closed cooling system, bacteria are unable to enter and survive the equipment more than 9m long stainless steel in steel pipe system. Thanks to its unique design, our machine dispenses hot, cold, room temperature, or soda water whenever you want.

The device has been approved by the BFKH Department of Public Health !

1. InstaChill

Each glass of water is freshly filtered and cooled within a closed cooling system that never comes into contact with air, thus providing security against viruses and bacteria infection. In contrast to the other dispensers, which are tank technique, no disinfection is required here.

2. High Capacity

Imagine being a 2.5 decis cup can be continuously filled for 1 hour without water its temperature would rise above 5C °… the ION is able to do so. Stand out from other water machines with a guaranteed cooling capacity of 30 l / h .

3. RapidHot

Tea, cocoa, even instant soups are all just really hot perfect from freshly filtered water. In ION guaranteed 8 l hot water capacity per hour, always ready, 95C ° waiting for you !

4. Soda function

Sugar carbonated soft drink? .... NO! It helps your body function healthily and against soft drinks choose a glass of refreshing cold soda. With a little lemon or lime the refreshment is really perfect. Up to 2500 liters of soda with 1 filling, where the price of soda water is 4 HUF / liter.

5. Cleanliness Monitor Filter Monitor

No need to worry for a minute for purity. Built-in filter monitor, LED on the front panel indicates when the filter needs to be replaced. The LED is simple changed from green to red. The filter will be replaced after 5700 liters of water have flowed, which is 10,000 half-liter bottles of water.

6. Energy saving

Why go to machine if there is no one around? ION sleep mode reduces the energy use in the evenings and on weekends.

7. Compact Size

ION size everywhere almost perfect. Be it the kitchen counter or a university from the hall. Its lower cabinet allows the machine to stand free operate as a unit, wherever I want.

8. Easy to use

Thanks to the user interface with symbols, no one has a problem operating the machine.

9. Hygienic Design

Through a closed system which is never in contact with the air the ION is constantly able to keep fresh add filtered and chilled water, a special, easy to replace through the spout.

10. Child lock

Double button press is required to receive hot water. The "hidden" button prevents kids from scalding themselves.

11. Drip tray

Easy to keep clean a dishwasher-safe drip tray can catch it from the machine dripping water. Available with higher capacity and can be connected to a drain option. The drip tray is equipped with a sensor, so the water supply is full can be stopped on the taskbar.

12. Quick filter change

Thanks to the special lock with a simple rotation of the filter cartridge without dripping in 2 minutes replaceable, even the water does not need to be shut off. The machine is based on CaronSilv comes with a filter that can filter 5700 l of water.

The ION902 Cold / Hot / Ambient, ION903 Cold / Ambient / Soda Function Devices

DO NOT hesitate, DO NOT shoe unnecessarily, DO use more plastic bottles if you don't have to.

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