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ION Carbon Filter Cartridge (FiberTech)

ION Carbon Filter Cartridge (FiberTech)
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ION Carbon Filter Cartridge (FiberTech)

Unique carbon fiber, antibacterial filter cartridge for ION 902/903/904/200/300/400 machines.
The activated carbon block filter filters up to 0.5 micron particle size.
Made from the highest quality activated carbon block , the most convenient and safest way to produce the purest filtered water.

Simply unroll, pull out, push back and you're done without having to turn off the water tap .

The FiberTek water filter uses the latest technology that combines activated carbon and lead absorbent materials, ensuring longer filter life, increasing flow rates and Increases dirt removal for other water filters .
FiberTek is extremely effective in reducing chlorine flavor and odors .
FiberTek contains a patented filter media for lead reduction and reduction of cysts / living organisms including Cryptosporidium and Giardia .
Effectively filters out drug and chemical residues.
Replacement for public use every 6 months or after 4200l of water flow , for household use after 1 year or 4200l of water flow recommended, which is also indicated by the machine.

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