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ION Ts 200 Water Dispenser

ION Ts 200 Water Dispenser
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Product features
Product typeWater dispenser automatic.
DimensionsFreestanding dimensions 330mm x 1206mm x 430mm Countertop mounted dimensions 330mm x 408mm x 430mm
WeightFreestanding: 28kg. Counter mounted: 18kg.
Dispensing height230mm.
Water servicesChilled water, Hot water, Room temperature water
CapacityCold: 30 l / h, Hot: 8 l / h
Water temperaturesCold 5 ° C, Hot 95 ° C
GuaranteeIn the case of a natural person, 3 years from the date of purchase.
Additional featuresDirect Chill closed system cooling, Filter indicator, Touch screen, Energy saving mode, Security lock (hot water) Annual electricity consumption with average use is 157Kwh
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ION TS-200 Touchscreen Water Dispenser

An innovative solution that replaces all the bottled water you ever drink.

Introducing the ION TS-200 water dispenser, an existing alternative to bottled water.
Clear refresh at the touch of a button.
The source of each sip is ION's exclusive unique silver ion CarbonSILV filter , which filters out a wide range of contaminants.

This machine makes traditional tap water a reliable source of endless experience in your home or office.

You can quench your thirst at any time with a variety of healthy filtered drinks, be it room temperature water, ice cold water, or hot water on cooler days.
Leave the heavy balloons, lots of plastic bottles, sugary soft drinks behind and start enjoying the limitless possibilities of perfectly clean, refreshing, refreshing water. This is the ION.
This really compact device is Smart, Cheap and Great, from here ION name!

The ION TS-200 is a Cold-Hot-Room Heat function device.

Technical data

Water Options Cold water, Hot water, Cold water
Available models Cold + Hot water + Tap cold
Free-standing and & nbsp; Countertop
Free-standing sizes 330mm (W) x 1206mm (M) x 430mm (M)
Countertop Dimensions 330mm (W) x 408mm (M) x 430mm (M)
Height of dosing area 230mm
Weight Free-standing: 28KG Countertop mounted: 18KG
Standard filter 1 x Mixed filter (0.5 micron, granulate + block + polyphosphate)
More features DirectChill Closed System Cooling
Filter Indicator
Touch Display
Energy Saving Mode
Safety Lock (Hot Water)
Capacity Cold : 30 l / h; & nbsp; Hot : 8 l / h
Water temperatures Cold 5 ° C
Hot 95 ° C
Compressor 230V / 50Hz


For natural persons, 3 years from the date of purchase.

The warranty does not cover:

(a) Wearing parts, such as paintwork and protective coatings, which wear out over time as intended, unless the defect is due to a material or manufacturing defect.

(b) For surface (cosmetic) damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents, and broken connectors.

(c) Damage resulting from use with another product.

(d) Damage caused by accident, misuse, misuse, contact with liquids, fire, earthquake, or other elemental damage.

(e) Use of a ION product other than as described in the user guide, technical specification, or other published instructions for the ION Product to your detriment.

(f) Not for damages resulting from repair (including upgrades and replacement of parts) by a ION representative or an authorized service partner.

(g) For a ION Product that has been functionally or functionally modified without the written permission of ION .

(h) Defects caused by normal wear and tear of the ION Product.

(i) If any serial number of the ION Product has been removed or made illegible.

(j) If the product has been stolen or ION is based on information provided by law enforcement, there is reason to believe that the product has been stolen.

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