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+ 2 years Warranty extension ION water dispensers are sold with a 3-year warranty. Purchase an additional 2 year warranty extension and save yourself unnecessary costs. (The warranty extension only applies to defects resulting from the intended use of the equipment.) The grounds for non-warran..
Ex Tax:28,350Ft
Dispensing Nozzle for ION Water Equipment 3-way dispensing nozzle at the edge of the ION200.Soda valve dispensing nozzle at the edge of the ION300. Soda valve dispensing nozzle at the edge of the ION400...
Ex Tax:3,543Ft
ION Carbon Filter Cartridge (FiberTech)Unique carbon fiber, antibacterial filter cartridge for ION 902/903/904/200/300/400 machines. The activated carbon block filter filters up to 0.5 micron particle size. Made from the highest quality activated carbon block , the most convenient and saf..
Ex Tax:22,300Ft
ION Carbon SILVER Silver Ion Block Carbon Filter ION's water purification equipment is equipped with an “EZChange” technology filter that has been individually patented specifically for ION water machines. This filter allows the equipment to filter water up to 0.5 microns. Thanks to the EZChange ..
Ex Tax:28,965Ft
ION Filter Cartridge (CarbonPlus) Unique Antibacterial Filter Cartridge for ION 902/903/904/200/300/400 machines. Activated Carbon Block Filter filters up to 0.5 micron particle size. Made from the highest quality activated carbon block, is the most convenient and safest way to produce the..
Ex Tax:19,260Ft
ION UV-C LED Disinfection Unit Upon request, the equipment will be supplied with a germicidal UV-C LED Disinfection Unit with a lifespan of 30,000 hours . The unit bombards the water at the moment of dispensing with UV-C light beams, which immediately destroy any BIO organisms left in the water..
Ex Tax:59,690Ft
ION Water Machine Cabinet (AquaStand) With this bottom cabinet, ION can be turned into a space-saving freestanding machine when there is no space on the counter. Steel frame design with outer plastic cover in the same color. Convenient cup dispenser for up to 2 plastic cup sizes. Interna..
Ex Tax:67,650Ft
ION Water Machine Drip Tray Interchangeable drip tray with full sensor for ION 200/300/400 machines...
Ex Tax:6,173Ft
ION water machine front cover with LED lighting ION 200/300/400 front folding front cover...
Ex Tax:9,283Ft
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